Welcome to Animal Polis!

Animalpolis.com is a product of our long-nurtured passion for animals and wildlife. We love animals, and they are part of our existence.

This website is a beehive of information, facts, and fun stories that border on the lives and activities of our wispy, and four-legged friends.

We also discuss pet care and how to create the best home to make them feel safe and part of the family.

About Me

My name is Judie Mashburn, and I’m the main writer on this website.

I have always been an ardent lover of pets, and this spans from reptiles and amphibians to fish, birds, and mammals. I also explore the wild world, always seeking to find something new that I can share with my followers.

The content on Animalpolis.com is a product of my research and experience, and also includes inputs from other seasoned writers with booming interest in zoology.

I have been a horse keeper and farmer for over 5 years and recently decided to take my passion to the next level by starting this site. I’m always open to learning new things about pets and endangered species and educating others as well.

About My Team

Every member of my team is an “animal-digger”. Besides being out there with our pets, our next best hobby is educating people about these pets and the proper way to manage and care for them. We also research and write about wild animals.

Everything we share here is entirely borne out of experience and research and is strictly for educational purposes. We are not doctors!

Judie Mashburn

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