Why Are Terriers So Annoying?

If you have a terrier around, you have probably noticed certain character traits in them that other dogs don’t normally exhibit. While it may sound harsh, it won’t be out of place to say that some terriers can be grossly irritating. If this sounds like your dog, you may be wondering – why are terrier dogs so annoying? 

A terrier’s annoying behavior can be linked to its independent nature. Terriers were originally bred to be independent rather than submissive or attached to people like other dogs. So, they aren’t exactly the type of dog that will obey or hang on to every word from the owner. 

Having said that, a terrier can still be trained to behave well but that will require some time and patience since most of them are not usually obedient by nature. This often involves a lot of socialization and interaction with other dogs and people. 

In this article, we will look at some of the reasons behind a terrier’s sometimes annoying behavior and other similar character traits. 

Are terriers difficult dogs?

Yes, some terrier breeds can be notoriously difficult despite their small size. This means they may not readily take instructions and can get feisty when put together with other dogs, even if the dogs are bigger. Terriers can be fearless and will readily go into a standoff with bigger dogs and animals when agitated.  

Their difficult behavior is often connected to a socialization problem. If a terrier isn’t socialized properly or positively at an early age, chances are that it will become difficult to deal with or have around other dogs. To prevent this, socialization should be cultivated from the early stages and managed carefully. Most recall training will also be required to work on their attention. 

It may be easier to manage two terrier dogs than when you try to put a terrier and another dog together. This is because terriers generally prefer members of their fold but may not have tolerance for other dogs or people. However, this doesn’t apply to every terrier breed. In fact, there are some terriers that are surprisingly soft and have much tolerance for people and other dogs. 

Again, whatever the case is, you can train a terrier to be well-behaved. 

Why terriers are so annoying

Terriers have a tendency to be annoying and that is mainly because they are naturally independent. Compared to other dogs, they are less attached to people. In fact, some breeds can get wary of strangers. And that is because they are less social. 

However, a terrier that spends time around other canines from an early age may learn to be friendly with them. But even with a good level of socialization, some terriers are best suited to single dog homes and may not do well in certain situations, such as a dog park. 

So, if you really want to add a terrier as an additional pet to a rodent in your house, you may need to introduce them early enough. 

It is worth noting that terriers have a high predatory drive, so it’s not a good idea to keep them in a home with smaller animals. 

Common terrier behavior problem

Aggression and hunting are the two most common traits in terriers. There are others that you may observe if you own a terrier. We will look at them below. 

  • Hunting

Terriers have a long history of hunting for vermin, which is why they are often hyperactive when they come across potential prey. They are quick to act even without being provoked. This same hyperactive behavior is often noticed when they are around people, and some owners may find it quite annoying. 

  • Independent

Terriers are independent. There are not exactly the type of dog to would want to do all your bidding. However, they can still be trained to be more obedient but this might take some time.  

  • Noisy

Some breeds of terriers can be very noisy, especially when they are trying to communicate something. This behavior can be likened to how humans who would work underground communicate. They are usually required to shout when they get stuck, so they can be quickly located. 

Boredom, stress, or a feeling of happiness are other things that can cause a terrier to bark loudly. 

  • Digging

Terrier dogs are not really the best choice if you want to keep your garden in good condition at all times. Except, you are ready to build them a digging pit or fence.

  • Strong bite

If terriers are not taught bite inhibition and that human hands are quite delicate, they can bite very hard even when they do not mean to. 

Why are terriers so mean?

Two of the most dominant traits in terriers are scavenging and aggression. This can be translated into being mean, but this is their natural disposition due to how they were bred. They were bred to hunt and kill prey animals. 

Sometimes, they can become extremely territorial, which is why they generally don’t like strangers. 

For this reason, socializing among terriers and other breeds is usually very difficult. Terriers perform better alone, so you have to train them properly if you want them to be obedient.  

Sometimes, even with extensive training, terriers may not be totally submissive.

Why are small dogs so aggressive?

Aggressive tendencies in small dogs can be connected to different things. 

Sometimes, they may act out in self-defense. Other times, it may be as a result of maltreatment from owners. A puppy that grows up being mishandled by its owner will likely turn out to be aggressive as it won’t know how to react around people and other dogs in stressful situations. 

Lastly, humans, generally don’t take aggression in small dogs seriously. And that is because an attack from them is not nearly as severe as an attack from the bigger dogs. For instance, the outcome of an attack by a chihuahua is usually more fatal than an attack by a bigger dog like Great Dane or Siberian husky. So, while we take great care to train bigger dogs to be less dangerous, not much attention is paid to the smaller dogs. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Which terrier is the calmest?

Boston terriers are among the calmest. They are highly active, social, and happy. They will allow just about anybody to pet them, even strangers. And they can be around people. 

Are terriers nasty?

Some breeds of terriers can be very nasty. And a good example is the Jack Russell Terrier. They come top on the list of dogs that would most likely attack people. They are often more aggressive than other dog breeds that are known to be aggressive or appear aggressive.

Are terriers good with kids?

Some terrier breeds are not normally good with children.  They can be very aggressive and quick to bite, especially if they notice a lot of activity, disturbance, or noise. But breeds like Boston terrier, wheaten terrier, and the western highland terrier are quite the opposite. They are usually very good with kids. So if you have kids around and want a terrier dog that will get along with them quite well, then consider getting any one of the breeds mentioned above. 

Conclusion: Why Are Terrier Dogs So Annoying?

In conclusion, terrier dogs may be annoying sometimes, but they can also be very friendly. With a terrier in your home, you’re almost guaranteed to have many moments of fun, bustful excitement, and energy. As long as you choose the right breed and give it proper training, it shouldn’t give you a lot of headaches. 

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