Do Rabbits Eat Coleus? (How To Stop Them)

Coleus are members of the mint family and are known for their beautiful foliage and succulent stems. But all that beauty could be wasted if you have a hungry animal lurking around your garden.

Rabbits are known for invading gardens and sometimes damaging entire plants in a short time.

So, it’s absolutely normal to be worried about them when you have coleus in your yard.

Do Rabbits Eat Coleus

Will Rabbits Eat My Coleus Plant?

So, do rabbits eat coleus? Yes, rabbits are known to eat coleus plants. This is more common during the breeding season or when their usual food sources are scarce. Their constant nibbling can quickly damage or even destroy your entire coleus plants.

Are Rabbits Attracted to Coleus?

Yes, rabbits are attracted to coleus. As earlier indicated, coleus has lush, colorful foliage and succulent stems, which makes them very attractive to rodents.

Rabbits generally feed mainly on plants. They are naturally drawn to leafy greens and herbs, which makes coleus an attractive option.

In fact, they may also use the leaves as a shield or to hide.

Do Wild Rabbits Eat Coleus?

Wild rabbits, also known as cottontails or hares, will eat coleus at any given opportunity. While their main diet usually consists of vegetables and herbaceous plants like hay, they can also feed ornamental plants like coleus.

As urban development continues to encroach on their natural habitat, wild rabbits may increasingly venture into residential gardens in search of food, posing a threat to coleus plants.

Are Coleus Poisonous to Rabbits?

If you have rabbits as pets, you may also be concerned about feeding them with coleus. So, is Coleus poisonous to rabbits?

No, coleus is not poisonous to rabbits as long as they eat it in little amounts.

However, rabbits usually experience digestive issues when they eat too much of any plant. And this is because of their sensitive digestive systems.

Common symptoms of coleus poisoning include:

Coleus fed to pet rabbits should be free of pesticides, and the leaves should be washed thoroughly.

What Animals Eat Coleus?

Rabbits are not the only critters that may be attracted to your coleus plants; deer and groundhogs may also eat them

Coleus also have insect pests such as aphids, slugs, butterflies, and mealy bugs. These insects readily attack coleus and can leave spots on the leaves. But they are not usually as destructive as the larger animals.

How to Keep Rabbits from Eating Coleus?

There are different methods you can use to keep rabbits from getting near your coleus.

For coleus, they are mostly affected by mealybugs, which do damage to the plant by sucking the sap. Using pesticides is the easiest and most effective approach. Just spray the plant with a good pesticide.

Likewise, rabbit repellents work best when it comes to deterring rabbits from coleus. I have found the LIQUID FENCE DEER & RABBIT REPELLENT very effective for this purpose.

Another thing you could do is install a sturdy fence around your coleus plant. Rabbits typically don’t hop above 2 feet. This means any fence you’re installing must be higher than 2 feet. If you need an already-made solution, consider the YARDGARD GARDEN RABBIT FENCE.

Summary: Is Coleus Rabbit Resistant?

In conclusion, rabbits can eat coleus plants, especially young foliage. So, it’s essential you take proper measures to protect your coleus. Besides installing a fence and using a repellent, you could also plant companion crops such as lavender and daffodils.

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