Do Tetras Need A Bubbler? (8 Facts To Know!)

Pet fishes often require constant care and attention. They need to be properly fed, their tank needs to be kept clean, and the water has to be at the right temperature with good aeration. This is essential for their survival. 

Keeping tetras is no different. In addition to clean water, you need the proper equipment to create a home that is safe and convenient for them. 

One of such device you may frequently hear about is a bubbler. However, it’s not always clear whether a bubbler is a strict requirement for a tetra tank. Let’s find out about that. 

Do tetras need a bubbler

Do Tetras Need a Bubbler?

Yes, tetras need a bubbler. When setting up a tetra tank, it is extremely important you think of their survival. Tetras need sufficient oxygen in their tank.

Bubblers are a way of oxygenating the water in a tetra tank. They also help with the circulation of oxygen inside the tank, which is important for the overall health and well-being of the fish. 

Benefits of bubbles for tetras

As earlier indicated, bubblers are a way of ensuring fishes get the oxygen they require in an aquarium.

In the wild, water currents and the movement of gas in the water create bubbles that help to increase the oxygen concentration in the water. Bubblers help simulate this condition in a fish tank.

Besides adding oxygen to the tank, bubblers create movements in the water, which provide a playful environment for the fish, keeping them active. Tetras are quite playful, so such an environment keeps them active and ensures they are happy.  

In addition, bubblers also help carry carbon dioxide gas out of the water. The gas is bad for the fish, and having a lot of it in the water can cause problems. 

What is the best bubbler for tetras?

If you are looking for ideas on the best bubbler for tetras, here are some options we recommend:

AquaMiracle Aerator

AquaMiracle is a small, yet powerful bubbler that is super silent and built to last. It is equipped with an advanced deionizing system and can operate up to 50 GPH. 

It comes with all the essentials, including airline tubing, check valve, airstone, and filter pads. Despite its small size, it is well suited for larger tanks. Ideally, the tank should be bigger than 2 gallons. 

Hiraliy Aquarium Bubbler

This bubbler works for tanks between 1 to 80 gallons. It comes with rubber feet to absorb shock and ensures it stays in place. The rubber feet also help to reduce the noise from the device. 

Like the previous unit, it is supplied with air stones, silicone tubing, a return valve, and suction pumps. You can adjust the flow to high or low to suit your fish tank. It is perfect for big tanks. Besides tetras, it can also be used for other aquatic creatures like shrimp and prawns.

NB: The bubbler runs for up to a year without going out. The dual port option means you can use it for more than one tank at a time. It also works with filters.

Pawfly Aquarium Bubbler

With a flow rate of 40 GPH, this unit is perfect for 5-20 gallon aquariums and fish tanks. It also comes with an air stone, a hose, and check valves. It operates with very little noise (less than 45 dB), so you can use it in the living room. The compact design and lightweight make it suitable for small tanks too. It has a low power consumption and uses only one air stone for bubbling. 

Can tetras live without a bubbler?

Tetras can live without a bubbler. In cases where bubblers aren’t used, the fish tank has to be kept clean. This means that the level of oxygen in the tank must be maintained. 

If you have a good filter in place, there’s a good chance you won’t have an oxygen problem. 

It’s important to constantly monitor the fish and watch out for any signs of distress that may be caused by insufficient oxygen. 

Do neon tetras need an air pump?

Like any other fish, neon tetras do not require an air pump to survive in an aquarium.

However, it’s a good idea to have one. This can help to maintain the oxygen concentration in their fish. 

Besides air pumps, there are other ways to oxygenate the tank. These include filters, spray bars, fountains, power heads, and air stones. 

Other ways to produce bubbles in a fish tank

Powerheads: These are used to create flow in the tank. For instance, you could set up one at the end of the tank to simulate river currents or other specific water movements. Or you could set up multiple of it if you need a more turbulent flow. Most powerheads resemble a filter, but they don’t usually have a filter component. For the best powerhead for a tetra aquarium, you won’t go wrong with either AQUAMIRACLE or FREESEA.

Airstone: This works hand in hand with an air pump. It diffuses the air in the tank to create tiny bubbles or microbubbles. This helps to improve water and nutrient circulation in the tank. Airstones are usually small and come in various shapes, making it easy to fit in small spaces within the tank. For ideas, consider VIVOSUN or KATHSON.

Waterfall filter: This is also called a cascade filter. It uses a filtration mechanism to create bubbles in a tank. While it filters, the water disturbance creates bubbles and enhances oxygen exchange. This filter can also be used to simulate a waterfall within the fish tank. TETRA POND WATERFALL FILTER comes highly recommended. 

In Conclusion

Bubblers are not an absolute must for tetras, but they can be really beneficial. They help with oxygen circulation, which is required to maintain a healthy fish population. 

Also, the bubbles produced by bubblers help improve the mood of your fish and keep them active, which improves their overall health. The device also looks aesthetically pleasing. 

Besides bubblers, there are other devices you can use to produce bubbles in an aquarium, such as powerheads, waterfall filters, and airstones. 

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