Do Glofish Need A Bubbler? 7 Facts You Need To Know!

In order to produce bubbles inside your aquarium, bubblers are often required. A bubbler is any equipment that connects to an air pump via an airline tube. In aquariums, they usually operate nonstop.

There are a lot of situations when a bubbler is beneficial for a tank, even though it’s not always required. Some aquatic life prefer motionless water; in this case, a bubbler is not required. 

But most of the time, fishes benefit from air pumps and bubblers because the “bubbling” of the water creates more oxygen and mimics their natural environment or ecosystem.  

In this article, we’ll look at why bubblers are essential for glofish tanks and some of the best options available.   

Do Glofish need a bubbler

Do Glofish need a bubbler?

Yes, glofish need a functional bubbler in their tank. This is to ensure constant current flow and adequate supply of oxygen. 

Without a bubbler or a filter, your glofish could only endure for a few days in perfectly motionless water. Sooner or later, it will develop stress symptoms. 

Usually, in aquariums, the aquarium filter is tagged as the most crucial component. However, once you have an aquarium greater than 20 gallons, an air pump or bubbler becomes an additional requirement. 

How to choose a bubbler for Glofish

When selecting a bubbler for your glofish, there are certain things you need to put into consideration in order to select the right option. The two major ones are size and power.   

  • Sizing: Bubblers come in different sizes and shapes, but they all perform the same function. So, it’s important you choose something that is compatible with the size of your tank or aquarium. 
  • Power requirements: Next, you should consider power. Ideally, you want a bubbler that can run 24/7. 
  • Tank location: Another important consideration is the location of the tank. For example, if your tank is located in a dark environment, you will want to purchase an LED bubbler. A good example is the GloFish Blue LED Bubbler with Air Stones

What is the best bubbler for glofish?

There are many types of bubblers, and they come in various sizes and shapes. Some of the more popular ones are air stones, bubble wands, flexible bubble walls, and LED bubblers. 

While air stone is widely used, any of the other options would also work fine, depending on your kind of aquarium. 

For the best bubble for glofish, our top recommendation is the NICREW Bubbling Sone Disk. It’s extremely easy to use and features six color-changing LEDs, which create a beautiful light effect in your aquarium. 

NB: Before connecting it to the pump, allow it to soak for an hour. 

Benefits of bubblers for Glofish

There are several benefits of using a bubbler for glofish. 

Improve quality of life

A bubbler performs three main functions. 

The first one is to increase the level of oxygen in the water. The second is to help maintain the currents in the water. Thirdly, it imitates the natural conditions of the ocean. 

All these significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of your glofish and ensure they remain healthy for a long time. 

This means that without a bubbler, the glofish may experience health issues, which can result in fatigue, stress, a host of other problems, or even death. 

Improve aesthetics 

In addition to the benefits above, bubblers also boost the aesthetics of your tank, making it look more attractive. You can imagine using a LED bubbler at night. Since it lights up the place, it’s hard not to notice. 

How do I know if my Glofish needs a bubbler?

As mentioned earlier, glofish can survive for two to three days in an aquarium without a bubbler but after that, they will begin to show signs of stress. So, how do you know your glofish is stressed?

Well, since bubblers help to improve the level of oxygen in a fish tank, without one, there will be less oxygen. And when this happens, you may see the glofish gasping at the water’s surface very frequently to get oxygen.

Bubblers also contribute to the current flow in the tank, which creates a more conducive environment for the fish. So, without bubblers, the fish will be less active, and you’ll notice increased gill movement.

Do Glofish need air stone?

Airstone is a type of bubbler. In fact, it is the most used bubbler out there. 

Don’t be misled by the name, airstones are often produced using porous materials, such as limewood, sand, porous stone, or even a special type of plastic. It is available in different sizes and shapes.

It’s worth mentioning that the “roughness” of an airstone determines the bubbles’ size. In most cases, larger bubbles will be diffused by a rough airstone, while a fine, tiny airstone will often produce hardly perceptible bubbles.

Will bubblers keep glofish alive?

Yes, having a bubbler will certainly help to keep your glofish alive. By creating an environment that is very similar to their ocean home, the bubblers improve their quality of life. 

Also, bubblers produce more oxygen, which is extremely important for the survival of the glofish. 

As a result, a bubbler is an important requirement for a glofish tank, especially one that is crowded.  Oxygen is usually scarce when there are more fishes in the tank. 

How does glofish bubbler work?

Bubblers work by propelling a gas (compressed air) out of the bottom of an open tube (dip tube) immersed in liquid at a flow rate that is almost uniform. They are usually used along with air pumps.

Air pumps are mechanical devices that are usually placed outside the fish tank and pump air into the aquarium using electricity. Airline tubing is used to transport air from the air pump to the fish tank accessory or gadget. The air forms bubbles in the water, which float to the top and pop.

The ejected bubbles contribute to surface turbulence and water flow. Proper gas exchange in the aquarium depends on effective surface turbulence.

Final Thoughts: Do glofish need a bubbler?

In conclusion, although using bubblers isn’t a strict requirement for an aquarium, it can be very useful for glofish. A bubbler helps to increase oxygen levels in the tank, especially when it’s congested, or the water isn’t sufficiently aerated. 

In addition, bubblers create bubbles and currents, which are typical of a natural ocean habit. This creates a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing environment for your fish. 

The size of the tank, the number of fish, and the level of aeration in the water are all important factors you should consider when deciding whether or not to employ a bubbler. 

In general, if you want to create the best possible home for your glofish, a bubbler will be a valuable addition to the fish tank. 

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